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Paul Yates' Basic Fishing Tackle Set-Up for Pellet Waggler Fishing

Pellet waggler fishing tends to be a summer method when rising water temperatures stimulate the fish into feeding up in the water.

There are various ways of feeding and the basic pellet waggler method set-up that I am giving here starts to work from May onwards as the water temperature is building up. Signs to look for are fish topping and line bites on your pole floats.

The objective is to achieve the right size of feeding pellet for your distance and required sinking speed, whether hard sinking or sinking expanding pellets are used. The choice of size of pellet depends on distance fishing out, the weight to catapult out, or the size of fish aimed for. Pellet choice is between 6mm and 11mm dia, but for the pellet waggler my ideal would be 8mm. I use Drennan Team England's Match Caty catapult with medium soft latex.

The actual waggler may be loaded, semi-loaded or unloaded. Personally I prefer unloaded, adding the shots myself. I believe this method gives me a straighter cast which ensures the waggler doesn't dive down into the water too far and spook the fish. I would recommend float weight sizes between 4 and 10 g and my preferred shot for this method is Preston Innovations' Jumbo Locking Shot.

I use Drennan Series 7 11-ft. 6-in./13-ft. Carp Waggler Combo with a Daiwa 2508 Airity Reel.

Over the coming months I will expand a little on specific techniques and fishing products so keep a look out. In the meantime, I hope the above gives you a good guide.

Paul Yates
Basic Fishing Tackle Set-Up for Pellet Waggler Fishing
7th April, 2008

Paul Yates - former England angler - started fishing on his local River Soar as soon as he could hold a rod! At fourteen he became River Soar Champion and after fishing with two local teams joined Shakespeare and then Essex County before joining Starlets. Paul set up his fishing tackle shop in Doncaster two years ago and is currently building an on-line shop - www.doncasterfishingcentre.co.uk. Paul will be pleased to help and advise with your fishing tackle needs by contact through the web site.

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