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Paul's Product Reviews

Paul's Product Preview


A brolly has become one of the most important items of tackle I take to the bank during the winter months keeping me dry and shielding me from any cold icy winds. When I took my first look at the Matrix Space Brolly it was clear that some fresh ideas and thoughts had gone into it, and with the unique fibreglass STS rib system provides a much stronger and more stable brolly. Another plus is a simple push/pull mechanism to open and close the umbrella. I have lost count of the number of people during and at the end of a competition complaining that they couldn't feel their fingers. I am convinced that the time I spend fitting my brolly up has won me many matches over my last two winter campaigns.

My favourite set-up is using its angle tilt lock which gives me maximum moveable space and which shields me from any side winds. I also peg it into the ground keeping out any draughts coming from underneath.

Using the two pegging points helps strengthen and support the umbrella. Yes it might take 10-15 minutes of your set up time, but in my experience it is essential to keep warm and dry so you can focus on your days fishing and making important decisions during a competition.

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